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How long will my flight last?


The honest answer is that EVERY flight is different. The higher you go, the longer the flight can be. On average, the Discovery flights are about 10 minutes and the Mile High Flight could be up to 45 minutes. There are many factors that can change a flights duration, altitude, weight, current sky conditions, etc.


On an aero tow flight, Can I go by myself?


If you are a rated pilot, Yes. With current USHPA hang rating and AT sign off. As a student, you will be paired with an instructor. He will show you how to fly and be with you all the time to guide you through the tasks.


Will it be cold on my flight?


The temperature does drop as we go up (about 3-6 degrees per 1000 ft) plus wind chill (about 20-30mph). If you dress for the current weather on the ground, you will be OK for our standard flights, but you may want to have a long sleeve shirt, or coat for the higher flights.


List of rules and restrictions for the guest taking the tandem flight.


All Guests need to fill out 2 different waivers, one for our records (we can send it out via email) and one for our national organization USHPA (each flying guest must be present for this one, it also covers a 30 day temporary membership to the USHPA and is required to take the flight).

There are no age restrictions  on our end but for anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the waivers with them as well.

For anyone thinking of a child under the age of 14 and or less than 80 pounds and or shorter than 4 feet, you would need to be present and or stop by beforehand and so we can test fit the harness to make sure they are securely fastened before we/ they fly.

Helmets are a must, we will have some available but if you have your own, you should bring it. Especially if you know you have an odd size like extra large or small.

Absolutely no cameras operated by the passengers flying. This includes but not limited to cell phones, Go Pros, Drifts, any action or personal cameras, ect. Ground based filming by friend or family is ok, nearby but not in the way of the flight line. Where we will be taking off and landing from.

Weight is an issue, the limit is 210 pounds, strictly enforced.

Parking is outside of the airport property when you get there give us a call and we will shuttle you around the active airport to our flight line, by either a car or golf cart.

For groups of 6 or more with an advanced notice we would be willing to entertain on other weekdays.

Only one person can go at a time, the flight time will last anywhere from 10-45 min depending on conditions and tow altitude from the 1500 ft all the way to Mile High.

Each guest should expect to spend anywhere from a hour to a few hours depending on group size, our booking software should help to keep this wait time as low as possible.


Any taxes, fees, tips, or hidden fees?


All amounts do not  include any and all federal, state, or local taxes. Guests should plan on a 15%-30% for gratuity, booking fees of $55 per person and cancelation fees of $30 per spot with more than 48 hours of notice. Less than 48 hours may result in total loss of paid balance and maybe subject to full purchase price of slot booked, USHPA membership fees of $15 per person any guest flying must pay this, or parking of $5 per person.


How do I/  what do I need to know about making a booking.


In order to make a booking there is a minimum of $55 USD non-refundable deposit per person required at time of booking. Any and all remaining balance is to be paid in full on or before the day of flight prior to taking off. Guests must also sign any and all waivers presented or they cannot go on the flight. Once you have arrived we will come out and shuttle you to our flight line. Please see our Refund Policy.


Refunds/ Refund Policy.


Absolutely no refunds will be given on the amount already paid. Also please see taxes, fees, tips or hidden fees. Any amount paid will still eligible for future use, but it will expire after 1 full year from the date of purchase.

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