Mountain Hang Gliding in New York


For many of our students, when you fly from here, it is like graduation. New York mountain hang gliding is what you have been working so hard to achieve. True free solo flight like a bird. Above is a picture gallery of our local flying site located in Ellenville, NY. Below is a short video by Ryan Voight about flying from the pilots of Ellenville—hope you enjoy.

Sponsored mountain flights in New York cost $25 per flight when you purchase at least one New York mountain hang gliding flight an hour from the mountain. This cost does include any and all feedback on the launch, flight, and landing when available, and a ride up to launch of course. This is needed/ required for at least your first 10 flights when you're a new H-2 to mountain flying. If you're a visiting student pilot with at least an H-2 and a FL sign-off, you also fall into this category, and you may be asked to demonstrate your skills with the hill, scooter, or tandem before flying the mountain. These New York mountain gliding flights are limited to early morning (launch before 10:45 am) and or late evening, depending on conditions and shown skill/s. We will also charge for supervision of students with H-2 and pilots looking for support while working on their flying skills or needing input on their launch/flight/landing.

Unfortunately, the sister sport to hang gliding is hang waiting—see picture below and to the right. As a result, there is a $10 per hour per student charge for what we call stand-by time, when conditions are less than optimal. For example, H-3 conditions, too little wind or too windy for your skill level, not showing up on time, just to name a few. If you’re interested in doing some New York mountain hang gliding, get in touch with US Hang Gliding today!

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