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For many of our students, when you fly from here, it is like graduation. This is what you have been working so hard to achieve: true free solo flight like a bird. Above is a picture gallery of our local flying site located in Ellenville, N.Y. Below is a short video by Ryan Voight about flying from the pilots of Ellenville, hope you enjoy. Sponsored flight's off the mountain cost $25 per flight when getting at least one flight an hour from the mountain. This cost does include any and all feedback on the launch, flight, and landing when available, and a ride up to launch of course. This is needed/ required for at least your first 10 flights when you're a new h-2 to mountain flying. If you're a visiting student pilot with at least a h-2 and FL sign off you also fall into this category and maybe subject to demoing your skills off the t-hill, scooter, or tandem before flying the mountain. These flights are limited to early morning (launch before 1045 am) and or late evening depending on conditions and shown skill/s. Supervision of students with H-2 and or pilots looking for support while working on their flying skills while mountain flying and or needing/ wanting input on their launch/ flight/ landing will also be charged. Unfortunately the sister sport to hang gliding is hang waiting. As a result there is a $10 per hour per student charge for what we call stand-by time when conditions are less than optimal. Examples of sub-optimal conditions include H-3 conditions, too little wind or too much wind for your skill level, not showing up on time, to name just a few.

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