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Solo Aero Towing

If you have at least your H-2 rating with AT sign off and are a current USHPA member you may fly solo. All solo pilots also maybe subject to a tandem check ride. All pilots must follow any and all airport rules regarding flying there as well as USHG's flying policies and code of conduct. For example, no flying over the active runways; if you must cross them though, please be no less than a minimum 500 ft AGL over the middle of the runway and 1000 ft AGL at either end. Another example is that here at the airport, all final approaches must be done with a downwind-base-final landing approach.  We will not risk losing our flying site/ location over any solo pilot's actions.  Any problem pilot or pilots maybe warned at first, and if problem or problems persists the pilot or pilots will be asked to leave and not be welcome back.

Solo Aero Tow Pricing

Solo Tows to 3000 ft are $45 for the first tow of the day, $35 for subsequent tows to 3000 ft.


If you want to work on your landings, pattern tows to 700 ft are $15 each if bought individually, $10 each if bought at sets of 10 at a time.

We have a few bridles and releases for rent, but we ask that you please bring all of your own gear or buy new ones from us.

Address: 100 Airport Rd, New Hampton, NY 10958

Call or Text: 845-467-8090


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