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This man made training hill is located in the main landing zone (LZ) at Ellenville Flight Park. It might not look like much, but it works very well for training while you're practicing launches and landings. It is about 40 feet high. We often call this the t-hill, short for training hill, or the "ant hill" or "volcano." It is flyable in a variety of different wind directions. From the south southeast to west southwest and also north northwest to the north northeast. Imagine an hour glass shape for best usable wind directions. It can be flown from the Northwest side, but the student needs to be flying from the top of the thill and able to control the glider and land safely. Below is a video of what to expect on an introductory hill lesson. We believe in simple progression practices and try to provide a safe, fun, learning environment for you.

If you're willing to watch both of these videos you will know exactly what you're signing up for and what to expect when you come out for a t-hill lesson, minus all of the water of course from the second video. Despite all the water, this family, the Bilker's, had a great time regardless. Please try to imagine how much better this would have been without all that water there. (P.S. the water here is no longer a problem at this location except when the whole valley floods.)

This is what can be achieved while on a Simple Progression Program despite (way) less than optimum conditions. When given the option, this family wanted to keep going despite all the water. We provided a fun atmosphere while we taught in a safe and diverse environment. Many thanks to the Bilker's for letting use this video.

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